Prostate Cancer Support Group - Richmond, Va

Meeting Dates - 3rd Thurs. each month - Time 7:00 PM - No July Meeting - The Dec. date will vary - Call for details - Peter C. Moon Phd. at 804-346-4407 between 7 - 11:00 PM - Location - Ridge Baptist Church, 1515 Eastridge Road Richmond, VA 23229

Rva Prostate Cancer Support Group

For details Contact - Peter C. Moon Phd. at 804-346-4407 between 7 - 11:00 PM
Location - Ridge Baptist Church, 1515 Eastridge Road Richmond, VA 23229
Meetings are in the fellowship hall Bldg - at the back of the parking lot.

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Meeting Information

RVA US-Too - 7:00 PM - May 17, 2018.

Us Too Warriors
We start at 7:00 PM - Doors opened about 6:40 PM.

Meeting Topic:
This Program will be a talk on slowing Cancer with your own herbal protocol and improveing your quality of life.

Us Too Warriors - Please Print out the Meeting Notes for the May 17 Meeting
Click on Our Link
Meeting Notes
or go to Talk 2018 Edited 2.pdf

Please bring your ideas - All are welcome.
Meeting Location - Ridge Baptist Church, 1515 Eastridge Road Richmond, VA 23229

Meetings are held in the fellowship hall Bldg - at the back of the parking lot
For more details Contact - Peter C. Moon Phd. at 804-346-4407 between 7 - 11:00 PM


We are pleased to announce the first Us TOO support group call
for the women behind the men affected by prostate cancer.

Because prostate cancer is a couple's disease, the woman is often subject to her own concerns in addition to those she shares with her partner. A Forum for Her will be a regular call series which will focus on women and offer peer-to-peer support to address these concerns.

A Forum for Her is a regular call series (and invite-only Facebook group) which focuses on women and offers important peer-to-peer support. So far, the calls have been going great and will continue to expand.

As group membership grows and we become more comfortable with each other, we will be looking for volunteers to lead smaller group calls. If you would like to volunteer to help lead a small group call, please email me at or call 877-978-7866.

(Your involvement would not require too much time or effort beyond the typical call length of about an hour. We would only be looking for you to lead calls, not come up with information, materials, or topics.)

Calls Coming Up...

Topic: Newly Diagnosed and Surgery - Tuesday, March 20 - 6:00 Central Time
Topic: Advanced Disease - Wednesday, March 21 - 12:00 Central Time

In order to address very specific experiences, these calls are open only to wives and female partners of men affected by prostate cancer.

Please note that space is limited - Contact me at or 877-978-7866 to reserve your spot and to get the call-in information!
Terri Likowski - Program Director/Support Group Services
Us TOO International - Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network
2720 S. River Road, Suite 112 - Des Plaines, IL 60018
877-978-7866 -
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
REEL RECOVERY is a national non-profit organization that conducts fly-fishing retreats for men recovering from cancer. Go to the link below for the details & application Information.

The Next Va Real Recovery Retreat trip will be May 16-18, 2018

Click on Our Link to get the Project Healing Waters Application
Project Healing
Project Healing
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A Big Thank You to Jerry
RVA Us Too Warriors, I hope you will be able to support Jerry generously as you have in the past to
keep The "Us Too" Headquarters working to help more men in the USA and around the world. As a group, we
have donated about $3000 dollars a year to help Jerry walk in a good cause and if you have not you
should go to our website and look at the Hot Sheet - the international headquartered in Chicago puts out
each month and send out over the internet to help men. September is national Prostate cancer month.

Click here to go to Jerry's fundraising page:
Jerry Deans
or Go To
Read the article on our Articles page:

What It’s Like to Be Part of a Prostate Cancer Support Group

Advocacy - We speak with two specialists from a prostate cancer support group about the ways this
experience empowers men and their loved ones.

Stigma continues to surround men’s health in general, and prostate health in particular.
from Us TOO’s support group open up about the ways an organization like theirs can give
members a bedrock of information — and hope.

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Support Group

The US Too "Hot Sheet"
The Hot SHEET highlights the latest in treatment strategies.

The monthly newsletter, the Hot Sheet, highlights the latest in treatment strategies as well as emerging treatments. The Hot SHEET is distributed free at chapter support group meetings, and is available in PDF on the Us TOO web site.

To Read The Hot Sheet - Click on Our Link
Hot Sheet
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Prostate Cancer Drugs

On this webpage you will find information and links for all available prostate cancer drugs, including:
androgen deprivation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy and palliatives for advanced
prostate cancer. The drugs can take many forms including oral, intravenous, injection, and implant.
We have done our best to compile the latest information, but be sure to consult with your doctor before
entering into any drug program. If you see anything missing or information in need of updating
please email -

To Read and print this Handout - Click on Our Link


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Life Extension Magazine

How to Reverse Markers of Prostate Cancer.

Despite prostate cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death in men, a raging debate has ensued as
to whether men should have annual PSA blood tests. The scales are tilting in favor of Life Extension®’s
multi-decade campaign to educate men about the importance of regular PSA screening. Not only are there proven
ways to reverse rising PSA levels, but breakthrough treatments can enable safer diagnosis and curative treatment
without the side effects associated with conventional surgery and radiation.

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Life Extension Magazine

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